Electronic Design

Panel Controls Add Push-Pull And Rotary Switches

Designed for industrial, medical, and aerospace/avionics applications, the Model 54 0.5-inch panel control extends the Model 51/53 Series by adding a DPDT push-pull switch module while the Model 56 0.5-inch panel control adds a SPDT rotary switch module.  Both are high-performance alternatives to consumer-grade potentiometers with push-pull and rotary switches.  Both models measure 12.5 mm and feature metal bushings and shafts, splash seals, and a wide range of linear and audio resistance tapers.  Rotational life for both models is 50,000 cycles with a contact resistance at 100 mΩ for Model 54 and 30 mΩ for Model 56. Prices for the Model 54 and Model 56 are $6.95 and $5.84 each/1,000, respectively. BOURNS INC., Riverside, CA. (951) 784-3100.

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