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Power Relays Switch 16A And 20A

Two NAiS brand power relays, the LE and LF, switch 16A and 20A, respectively. The LE is said to be ideal for magnetron and heater loads for microwave ovens, refrigerators and office automation (OA) equipment, while the LF is ideal for compressor and inverter loads for air conditioners, refrigerators and OA equipment. The LE's features include a nominal switching capacity of 16A at 277 Vac, a low operating power of 400 mW, and heat resistance that satisfies UL coil insulation class B. The LF relay switches compressor loads of 20A at 250 Vac and inverter loads of 20A at 100 Vac or 10A at 200 Vac.
Both are 1 Form A relays available in PCB and TMP type terminals, and both feature high insulation resistance and the ability to withstand voltages of 10 kV (min.). The LE comes in coil voltages from 5 to 48 Vdc, while the LF comes in coil voltages from 5 to 24 Vdc.


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