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Power Supplies Snap Together To Create More Powerful Units

By mixing and matching S8TS DIN-rail mountable, building-block-type power supplies, designers can easily meet a variety of system power requirements of from 5V to 12V to 24V. Up to four of the units can be bus-connected on the rail, with a snap-together technique allowing the supplies to be interconnected without labor-intensive, inter-unit wiring. Future units can be added without re-wiring. And the fact that only one input and one output wire are required, regardless of how many units are installed, makes the S8TS a highly flexible power supply for use in most industrial areas requiring load devices that are UL/CSA compliant. The DIN-rail supplies also feature a redundant shutdown protection system, with a DC backup unit also available as an option for the system. Price for a basic block is $149. OMRON ELECTRONICS LLC, Schaumburg, IL. (800) 556-6766.


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