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Right-Angle Fasteners Secure PCBs

Right-Angle Fasteners Secure PCBs

The patented PEM R’ANGLE fasteners provide efficient and reliable methods to create permanent right-angle attachment points in thin metal assemblies or printed circuit boards. The line includes self-clinching types for installation in thin metal sheets and ReelFast SMT surface-mount fasteners for use with printed circuit boards. The clinch fasteners for metal applications offer cost-effective alternatives to bent tabs at edges of sheets, bent tabs in the middle of sheets, bent flanges, right-angle brackets, or tack welds.  The R’ANGLE SMT versions for board applications can eliminate the need for conventional angle brackets or threaded right-angle blocks.  All can reduce hardware counts in an assembly, promote lighter designs, and streamline production. For more details and prices, call PENNENGINEERING, Danboro, PA. (800) 237-4736.


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