Rugged Latching Relay Reaches 50 A

Rugged Latching Relay Reaches 50 A

CIT Relay & Switch offers its single-coil L115F1 latching relay with values up to 50 A. The UL/cUL-approved power relay can withstand heavy contact load with strong shock (200 m/s2 at 11 ms) and vibration (1.5-mm double amplitude 10~40 Hz) resistance. Contact arrangements are 1A, 1B, and 1C with contact ratings of 30, 40, and 50 A at 277 V ac. The contacts, which have a resistance is less than 50 mΩ, consist of either AgSnO2 or AgSnO2In2O3. Tested electrical life reaches 50k cycles, and mechanical life extends to 1M cycles. Dielectric strength measures 2500 V rms minimum coil to contact, and 1500 V rms minimum contact to contact. Insulation resistance is 1000 Ω minimum at 500 V dc. Operating temperature ranges from ‒55 to 125°C, while solderability is 270°C for five seconds. The relay weighs 28 g, or 20 g without a cover.


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