Electronic Design

Sensing Material Challenges Resistive Touchscreens

QTC Clear, a see-through version of Peratech’s Quantum Tunneling Composite, is poised to create a new class of force-sensitive touchscreens that can replace resistive touchscreen technologies or enhance capacitive units with more features such as 3D input. Resistive touch screen manufacturers can upgrade to using QTC Clear and use their existing manufacturing procedures and equipment to produce enhanced touchscreens. Capacitive touchscreen OEMs can augment their designs with additional features such as touch activation of the capacitive matrix to save power, 3D menus, variable line widths, and more intuitive gaming interaction. A QTC Clear layer is 6 to 8 mm thick and is sandwiched between two layers of Indium Tin Oxide, which is in turn sandwiched between two hard sheets, typically glass.  It is so sensitive that it can detect deflections of only a few microns so that the top surface can be rigid.  Additionally, virtually no current flows unless a force is applied, thereby overcoming the drawbacks of capacitive designs that constantly draw current and create EMI issues. Peratech Ltd., North Yorkshire, UK. +44 (0) 8700 727272.

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