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Servo Inclinometers Tackle Rugged Tasks

Servo Inclinometers Tackle Rugged Tasks

The T435 ‘L’ series single-axis, gravity-referenced servo inclinometers promise precision angular measurements within rugged and space-constrained environments. Available in ranges from ±3° to ±90°, the fully customizable sensors provide a 4 mA to 20 mA signal, proportional to the sine of the available angle of tilt with resolutions down to 0.2 arc seconds and 1,500g mechanical shock survivability. With a form factor measuring 61-mm high and less than 37 mm in diameter, T435 sensors can be stacked for simultaneous X- and Y-axis measurements of tilt angles. Other features include operation from a single 24Vdc supply and output series load resistances as high as 400?. SHERBORNE SENSORS INC., Wyckoff, NJ. (877) 486-1766.


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