Electronic Design

Spread-Spectrum Oscillators Reduce EMI Without Layout Changes

By slowly varying the system oscillator's center frequency, the EQ-HM spread-spectrum oscillators enable electronic devices to more easily comply with electromagnetic interference (EMI) standards without compromising system per- formance. The oscillators reduce EMI and require no layout changes. They're available in 8.0- to 165.0-MHz versions that sweep their center frequency around or below the center frequency. For example, the 10-MHz EQ-HM24-3-BT-C1.00 is a 10-MHz oscillator that slowly varies its center frequency between 9.90 MHz and 10.10 MHz. The EQ-HM24s are available in a 14-pin DIP package with gull-wing surface-mounted device leads. These drop-in replacements for conventional oscillators also operate between −40°C and 85°C. Available now, the EQ-HM oscillators start at $150 each.

Euroquartz Ltd.
www.saelig.com; (585) 425-3753

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