TVS Diodes Flaunt Resistance/Capacitance For High-Speed IFs

TVS Diodes Flaunt Resistance/Capacitance For High-Speed IFs

Infineon Technologies’ ESD102 transient-voltage-suppression (TVS) diodes feature 0.19-Ω dynamic resistance and 0.4-pF capacitance, providing the ESD robustness and signal quality required for smartphone and tablet high-speed interfaces. They offer protection that exceeds IEC61000-4-2 specifications for interfaces such as USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, and HDMI links. Leakage current is ≤50 nA, which extends system battery life. Maximum working voltage measures 3.3 V, and clamping voltage is 8 V at IPP = 16 A (typical). Reverse current comes in at 1 nA at 3.3 V (typical). Specific models include the ESD102-U1-02ELS single-line, unidirectional TVS diode (two-pin TSSLP-2-3 package); ESD102-U2-099L two-line unidirectional TVS diode (four-pin TSLP-4-10 package), and ESD102-U4-05L four-line, unidirectional TVS diode (five-pin TSLP-5-2 package). All packages comply with RoHS and halogen-free directives.


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