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UL-Approved Shoulder Feedthrough Capacitors Withstand 250 V ac

The 2470-500/501 all-ceramic shoulder feed-through capacitors offer high, direct withstanding voltages at 25°C of 2121 V dc (500) and 1500 V ac (−501) and are UL-approved They're designed to withstand up to 250 V ac at 85°C with a capacitance value up to 1000 pF (tolerance of +100%, −0%). They can handle up to 10 A of dc current and feature minimum insulation resistance of 10 GW. They meet UL1414 and IEC 60384-14 standards as sub-class Y2, X1 and X2 capacitors and are recognized to UL standard 1283. The capacitors are rated to operate over the temperature range of −55°C to 85°C. Each costs $0.80, with availability in six weeks.

Tusonix Inc.
(520) 744-0400

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