DC-DCs Save Space In Wireless Power-Amp Designs

DC-DCs Save Space In Wireless Power-Amp Designs

The AVE family of isolated dc-dc converters from Artesyn Embedded Technologies offer higher than 94% typical efficiency and high thermal performance to suit radio-frequency (RF) power amplifiers used in micro/macrocell, NodeB/eNodeB, and remote radio head (RRH) applications. The half-brick devices feature an aluminum baseplate structure, enabling an operating temperature range of ‒40 to +85°C. Also, they can continue to operate at full power up to 100°C baseplate temperature without air cooling. The first AVE family members offer a single 28-V dc output and either 450 W at up to 16 A current output (AVE450B-48S28), or 350 W at 12.5 A current output (AVE350B-48S28-6). Trim range is typically 60% to 118% of VOUT, and can extend to up to ‒50% to +118% of VOUT. Other features include remote control, remote output sense, and trim. They also offer protection such as input undervoltage lockout, output overcurrent, output overvoltage, and overtemperature. A dual-output model (AVE450-48D2805) cuts down on components, saving space and cost. It supplies up to 12 A output current with 28-V output voltage, and 20 A with 5.5-V output voltage, which is adjustable from 4.5 to 12 V. Efficiency is greater than 92%.


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