Dev Kit Created For xCORE-Analog MCUs

Dev Kit Created For xCORE-Analog MCUs

The xCORE-Analog sliceKIT development board facilitates evaluation of xCORE-Analog for use in industrial applications like condition monitoring, smart interfaces, actuators, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and motor controllers. XMOS’s xCORE-Analog multicore (6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 16-core) microcontrollers (MCUs) combine the xCORE deterministic architecture with analog and digital interfaces to minimize the need for external components. The sliceKIT consists of a core board (featuring the 16-core XS1-A16-FB217-C10 xCORE-Analog MCU), Ethernet and mixed-signal sliceCARDs, debug adapter, power supply, and all required cabling. The xTIMEcomposer Studio—a free-to-download, timing-aware, C-based design environment—helps accelerate development time. The kit is compatible with other I/O sliceCARDs from XMOS and third parties, such as GPIO, CAN/LIN/RS-485, LCD, Wi-Fi, and SDRAM. Also included are several demo apps: a data-logging app monitors the status of three inputs, and a feedback loop shows how to convert a signal from analog to digital, and then back to analog for output.


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