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36-Mbit Synchronous SRAMs Come In Flow-Through And Pipeline ZBT Options

Available in 36-, 64-, and 72-bit wide versions, a family of 36-Mbit, zero-bus-turnaround synchronous SRAMs offers designers both flow-through and pipeline architectural options. The memories come in either a JEDEC-compatible 119-contact BGA package (36-bit wide versions), or a 152- or 153-contact BGA package (64- and 72-bit versions, respectively). Versions of the memories are available with either a 2.5- or 3.3-V power-supply option and in speed ranges from 100 to 166 MHz. Price for the 1-Mword by 36-bit WED2ZL361MS-BC or the WED2YL361MS-BC (pipeline and flowthrough, respectively) is $125 apiece in lots of 5000 units (commercial temperature range). Samples are available from stock.

White Electronic Designs
www.whiteedc.com; (508) 366-5151

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