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Communications: Security Processor Protects Small And Medium-Sized Organizations

Targeted at securing the enterprise, the SafeXcel-5140 security processor provides a single-chip solution that can be used in virtual-private-network (VPN) gateways, broadband access devices, and home-networking equipment. The chip combines an ARMv4-compliant 32-bit RISC processor and security acceleration engines along with the company's QuickSec Unified Security Software to provide a complete security solution for the small and medium-sized equipment market. The integrated security engines offer 3DES, AES, SHA-1, and MD5 algorithm acceleration while providing random-number generation and publickey acceleration. Also available on the chip are packet filtering and flow processing capabilities, as well as NAT, IPsec, and secure realtime transport protocol (SRTP) processing. Full-duplex throughput ranges from 45 Mbits/s for small packets to 100 Mbits/s for average and larger packets. Samples are immediately available. In quantities of 10,000, the chip costs $35 apiece.

SafeNet Inc.

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