Electronic Design

FRAM-Based 4-kbit Nonvolatile Memory Delivers Serial Data

Running at 20 MHz, a 4-kbit nonvolatile memory based on ferroelectric storage cells provides serial access via a serial-peripheral-interface (SPI) port. The FM25CL04 operates from a 3-V supply and offers virtually unlimited write endurance, which enables the chip to replace static RAM with battery backup in a number of applications. Data can be written to or read from the chip at speeds of 20 MHz. In contrast, EEPROM-based serial memories typically require multiple millisecond delays to write data into the storage arrays, reducing the effective data-transfer rate to 100 kHz or less. When slowed to just 100 kHz, the FM25CL04 only consumes 75 µA for reads or writes. The chip is available for commercial or industrial temperature ranges and comes in an eight-lead SOIC package. In quantities of 10,000 units, the FM25CL04 is priced at $0.59 apiece.

Ramtron International Corp.
www.ramtron.com; (719) 481-7000

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