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Low-voltage portable applications like Bluetooth and other wireless systems can exploit the power-saving advantages offered by a new 1.8-V flash-memory family. Developed by Silicon Storage Technology, the devices trim power consumption to just 9 mW when running at 5 MHz and to only 1.8 µW on standby. Currently sampling, the 4-Mbit SST39WF400A offers 90- or 100-ns read-access times and is organized as 256 kwords by 16 bits. In 100,000-unit lots, the chip sells for $1.50 apiece when housed in a TFBGA package. Smaller packages such as the 48-bump XLLGA, measuring just 4 by 6 by 0.47 mm, and the 4- by 6- by 0.63-mm WFBGA are also available. For details, see www.sst.com.

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