Kinetis L MCUs Include LCD, USB Interfaces

Kinetis L MCUs Include LCD, USB Interfaces

The latest additions to Freescale’s Kinetis L 32-bit MCU range offer enhanced onboard memory plus integrated segment LCD and USB interfaces, helping to reduce board space. The ARM Cortex-M0+- based devices are intended to help users of legacy 8- and 16-bit MCUs migrate to 32 bits in applications that require long battery life and an LCD display and/or USB interface (e.g., remote controls, thermostats, digital timers, and handheld meters). The KL46 (with segment LCD, USB and I2S), KL36 (with segment LCD and I2S), and KL34 (segment LCD only) MCUs incorporate up to 256 kbytes of flash memory and 32 kbytes of SRAM extended memory. They’re compatible with the company’s Kinetis K series devices.


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