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Multichannel Decoders Trim Power Consumption

Multichannel Decoders Trim Power Consumption

The CX25838 and CX25858 next-generation multichannel audio/video decoders allegedly deliver the industry’s lowest power consumption and heat dissipation per channel. In terms of power, the decoders require as little as 150 mW per channel. Both decoders integrate eight industry-standard NTSC/PAL video decoders with 10-bit a/d converters, five-line comb-filtering, and eight mono a/d converters with integrated Inter-IC Sound audio inputs. Additional features include programmable motion detection logic and 48 GPIO pins. Options include a DDR2 interface to enable frame-interleaved video outputs for direct connection to multi-channel H.264 codecs. Available in a 324-pin FPBGA or a 233-pin PBGA, prices for the CX25838 and CX25858 range from $9.50 to $12.50 each/1,000 depending on feature set. Evaluation kits are available for $399. CONEXANT SYSTEMS INC. Newport Beach, CA. (888) 855-4562.


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