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Video Amplifiers Sharpen Images In HD Apps

Promising to reduce design time and deliver the highest picture quality across multiple video-delivery formats, the ADA4420-6 video filter and the ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3 triple, rail-to-rail output video amplifiers address consumer and industrial demand for HD content in multimedia products ranging from 1080p HDTVs and HD home theater systems to professional and industrial video applications. The ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3 target high-resolution video applications that require lossless 1080i, sharper 1080p analog output video, and a wide output swing. The amplifiers also are deployable as analog video buffers in all video output devices such as PCs, monitors, projectors, and DVD players, eliminating the need for discrete components. The devices provide single-supply, rail-to-rail operation and drive a 150-Ohm load with 0.01% differential gain error, 0.01 degrees differential phase error, and 0.1-dB flatness out to 63 MHz and 85 MHz, respectively. In addition, the ADA4855-3 offers a 400-MHz, -3-dB bandwidth at a gain of 1 while the ADA4856-3 delivers 220 MHz at a fixed gain of 2. Both devices operate from a single 5V power supply and consume 7.7 mA per amplifier while delivering up to 40 mA of load current. The ADA4420-6 video filter integrates a number of buffers, discrete components, and six independent filter channels: three for SD (Y/C, CVBS) and three for HD component (YPbPr or RGB) signals. It supports HD, SD, S-Video, and composite video signals and provides a resolution up to 1080i. Sampling now and available in production quantities in October, price for either the ADA4855-3 or ADA4856-3 video amplifiers is $1.39 each/1,000. Price for the ADA4420-6 video filter is $0.69 each/1,000. ANALOG DEVICES, INC., Norwood, MA. (800) 426-2564.


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