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Management IC For 1-Cylinder Engines Reduces Emissions

Management IC For 1-Cylinder Engines Reduces Emissions

Infineon_1026-AInfineon's new TLE808x engine management IC family provides all the functionality required for state-of-the-art EFI in one-cylinder combustion engines. The IC family was specifically developed to improve emission and fuel efficiency of four-stroke small combustion engines used in motorcycles, scooters, three-wheelers, lawn mowers, small gasoline power generators, marine vehicles and snow mobiles. Currently, the family includes two devices available in high-volume, the TLE8088 and the TLE8080 with VRS interface and enhanced functionality. The TLE8080 connects the system microcontroller with peripheral sensors, handles signal conditioning, and drives the actuators required for a small combustion engine. A 5 V regulator provides up to 250 mA current and features undervoltage reset, power-on reset and watchdog functionality. The IC conditions the noisy sensor output signal to the logic input levels required from the microcontroller. Via SPI, two relay drivers, the malfunction indication lamp, and the VRS interface can be controlled. The TLE808x devices are available in production volumes and come in 24-pin SSOP.

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