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Chip Add Simultaneous LCD/Video Output To Handhelds

Developers of handheld devices can now add simultaneous LCD and video output to their products without sacrificing battery lifetime or burdening the host application processor. Developed in conjunction with Chrontel, the customer-specific standard product (CSSP) from QuickLogic works with existing app processors and Chrontel’s CH7013 TV encoder. A simultaneous display capability enables a range of apps such as plugging a PDA into a conference room television, playing a mobile-phone video game on a TV, or watching a movie stored on a portable media player on a TV. Overcoming several challenges, the device leverages QuickLogic’s ultra-low-power programmable fabric technology to implement memory interfaces, RGB interfaces, X-Y swap conversion logic, and active power management. Paired with the CH7013 encoder and a mobile SDRAM frame buffer, the final design handles all rate conversions and voltage-level shifting to get input data from the LCD controller on the app processor and drive the TV encoder device. Additionally, QuickLogic can adapt its X-Y swap system block to meet specific needs. QUICKLOGIC CORP., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 990-4000.


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