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Electronic Eyewear Aids In Test Applications

An eyeglass-mounted display for test and measurement applications called the Instrument Viewer provides a hands-free, portable, VGA-level color display for connection to a variety of devices such as oscilloscopes, flaw detectors and other test instruments. Called the worlds smallest, lightest and most ergonomic display, it is a combination of optics, electronics and a microdisplay that allows users to put color, text and graphical images continuously in their field of view. In contrast to conventional heavy and bulky head-mounted displays, the virtual, “floating” 12" image created by the Instrument Viewer appears with no obstruction to vision on any side of the image. The non-immersive, daylight-readable display allows the performance of tasks without the need to stop work to glance at a distant monitor. With the viewer, the company says fewer mistakes will be made and time will be saved since the head-up display eliminates the need for head turning, repositioning, and other cumbersome steps as the information is displayed directly in the worker’s hand-eye axis. MICROOPTICAL CORP., Westwood, MA. (781) 684-0770.


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