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ICs Drive OLED Flat-Panel Displays

Said to be the first commercially available driver for organic light-emitting diode (OLED) flat-panel displays, the MXED102 OLED column driver and MXED202 OLED row driver ICs enable designers to test and evaluate OLED system prototypes in a variety of configurations and environments. The MXED102 is a second-generation chip that supports up to 240 columns in both small-molecule and polymer passive-matrix OLED displays. It provides 2% current matching of adjacent and cascaded outputs. The MXED202 chip comes in either 120- or 128-row output configurations and is compatible with small-molecule, polymer and monochromatic and full-color displays. A feature shared by both devices is a cascadable design, whereby multiple row and current drivers can be cascaded together to drive displays larger than 240 columns by 120/128 rows. The MXED202 is currently available in sample quantities and costs $15 each for gold bumped dice and $30 for dice assembled on tape carrier packages (TCPs). The MXED102 will be available for sampling in June 2001 at the same price and dice configurations as the MXED202.

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