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Passive Display Module Offers Wireless Programming

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Requiring no power for operation, this 1/4 VGA cholesteric display module is now available with a controller and wireless RF interface, enabling the displays to be installed quickly and both programmed and updated from a remote location. Once excited by a 6 to 12Vdc power source, cholesteric technology allows graphics and text to remain displayed indefinitely without consuming power. Other features include high contrast, even in direct sunlight, a wide viewing angle, high-voltage DC/DC converter, and graphic- and text-generation capability, including color. The passive display contains a heatsink plate to dissipate heat build-up caused by operation in direct sunlight and is available with or without a module controller. Typical displays include a full-duplex, asynchronous RS-232 serial interface and options include a sleep-mode/wake-up feature and an interface connector for use with the company's 10044 RF receiver module.

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