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Sony Licenses On2 Tech's Video Decoder

Video compression solutions-maker On2 Technologies licensed its TrueMotion VP6 video decoder software to Sony for use in its mylo communicator "COM-2" device. The COM-2 uses On2’s TrueMotion VP6 decoder with Adobe Flash Lite 3 software, and provides access to videos posted on Flash-based web sites. When connected to a wi-fi hotspot, the mylo communicator can also upload and download content to and from the Web using the touch screen interface on its 3.5-inch high-resolution display. By integrating On2’s VP6 decoder, mylo communicator users can enjoy web-based video content on-the-go. “Most of the leading user-generated content web sites today use our Flix Engine product and VP6 compression scheme to create and publish video, and we see the market trends moving toward mobile video sharing and consumption,” Bill Joll, president and CEO of On2 Technologies, said in a statement. Flix Engine is a server side encoding platform used by many Web 2.0 websites and leading enterprises for creating and publishing Flash video.

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