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Video/Graphics Processing ICs Support High-Resolution Displays

Designed for flat panel displays, projection systems, home theater gear and other such applications, the gmZ2 chip produces graphics/text and high-quality video, while the gmZ3 IC offers the same capabilities with high-resolution SXGA output that supports the digital flat panel specification, as well as the traditional analog RGB VESA standard. In addition to image expansion, both of these ICs use the firm's ImEngine de-interlacing process to convert interlaced (television-style) video for display on non-interlaced systems like PC monitors. Other key features are a fully programmable display timing generator, overlay support, on-chip memory, and the ability to accept a variety of input and output data formats. The gmZ2 supports XGA resolutions at up to 84 MHz, and the gmZ3 can supply SXGA resolutions at up to 108 MHz.

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