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Bluetooth Upper Protocol Stack Targets Memory-Lean Environs

A new upper protocol stack for Bluetooth-enabled products and systems conforms to the Bluetooth Host Controller Interface specification and supports all application profiles currently specified. The stack, which can be used in both embedded and hosted applications, is specifically designed for the memory-lean environments found in mobile appliances. In addition, it is said to be easily partitioned for deployment in larger, multi-processor systems.
The stack can be integrated with the company's licenseable baseband controller silicon intellectual property and lower protocol stack. It can also be integrated with third-party chipsets and their associated lower stacks. Portable to multiple processor types, the protocol stack utilizes the company's kernel abstraction layer, proven on over twenty DECT (digitally-enhanced cordless telephone) designs. A macro interface enables porting to other real-time operating systems. The stack's comprehensive testability features support full regression testing, which can be targeted at the end system. Portable ANSI C source code, SDL, test tools and documentation are available.


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