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cPCI System Measures Just 12" Deep

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Designed for installation in central offices and other telecommunications applications where space is at a premium, this CompactPCI system measures in at only 12" deep. A re-designed backplane makes all cabling accessible from the front and allows line and DSP cards to be replaced without detaching cables. The compact form factor permits frames to be put back-to-back or directly against a wall. According to the company, this system can deploy significant compute power in high-density configurations, pushing intelligence to the edge of the network. The system includes the Continuous Control Node (CCN), the company’s out-of-band management tool for CompactPCI, as well as upSuite, its high-availability middleware that supports disk mirroring at wire-line speeds with sub-second failover. Two-processor systems start at $10,000, depending on configuration.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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