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Modular Systems Rev Up Testing Of Supplies

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Boasting of a radically new architecture with parallel testing capabilities supported by run-time software, Avansis 9000 systems boast of rapid, efficient testing of dc and ac power supplies. The systems have a modular construction that allows them to be configured into fully integrated bench-top and rack-mount systems, as well as custom systems that can address the complex testing needs of supplies to be used in telecomm, aerospace, and other high-end equipment. The system employs the firm’s Powerstar 5 test executive, whose software library enables test engineers to cut test times by generating power supply state-sensitive programs. Test times are cut further by Avansis 9000’s parallel measurement module, which taps dual DSP technology with built-in math processing to compute key supply performance parameters concurrently. TCP/IP networking is also integrated in Avansis 9000 test systems.

TAGS: Digital ICs
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