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Programmable Power Module Simplifies Design Of Motor Drives

Rated a 1,200V and 50A, the PIIPM50P12B004 module packs all of the power semiconductors required for a three-phase inverter power stage, as well as a programmable 40-MIPS DSP, current sensing, isolation of signal and power pins, gate driver, and power stage protection for direct interface with motor drive hosts and input stages. The intelligent power module also includes an asynchronous, 2.5-Mb/s serial port compatible with the scalable coherent interface/IEEE 1596-1992 (SCI), service provider interface (SPI), and controller area network (CAN). It also has a JTAG IEEE 1149.1 standard port for DSP interfacing and an isolated serial port input with strobe signal for quadrature encoders or SPI communication. The device represents the first iNTERO programmable, isolated intelligent power module (PI-IPM), a fully integrated unit for driving three-phase, ac induction and brushless dc industrial and servo motors rated up to 15 kW. The PI-IPM is said to replace 130 components with a single component, enabling OEMs to reduce the time and cost of designing motor drive power stages and associated controls and peripherals. The module is also said to provide an accurate current feedback loop and low noise in a package up to 50% smaller than traditional designs, with the feedback loop having a bandwidth of 5 kHz and providing low torque at low speed without unwanted shaft trembling or noise. The PIIPM50P12B004 module costs $500 each/500. For more details, call Francesco Vallone at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER CORP., El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7105.


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TAGS: Digital ICs
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