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Keeping things small and simple is the name of the game with CMX RTX and CMX Tiny+. This is a requirement for both compact platforms, like the 8051, and more powerful 32- and 64-bit processors when the job does not demand a heftier operating system, such as Linux.

Many times, only basic multitasking and interprocess communication are needed. The rest is overhead. The little memory footprint of CMSystems' solutions means minimum memory overhead. Task management overhead is small, yielding fast context switch times and very low interrupt latency.

A special version, CMX-RTXS, specifically works with the Infineon 80C16x and STMicroelectronics ST-10 architectures. The CMX Tiny+ is designed for minimal RAM environments, with CMX RTX handling most processor families, including DSPs.

Even with the minimalist approach, options like CMX-Micronet, developed for 8- and 16-bit devices, and CMX TCP/IP support accelerate the building of Internet-enabled devices. CMX-Micronet memory requirements range from 3.5 to 15 kbytes of ROM with few RAM requirements.

Modular construction, free support, updates, and the lack of runtime royalties make it hard to justify building your own RTOS. Integration with RTOS-aware debuggers provides a development environment that home-grown RTOSs can only dream about.

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