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PC/104 Card Tackles Machine Control

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Among the special machine control-related operations that can be performed by Model 526 PC/104 card are counting encoder pulses, measuring analog voltages, and detecting digital signals. It can also generate analog voltages and digital outputs and has a watchdog and interrupt timer. The card’s four 24-bit quadrature encoder inputs can be differential (RS-422) or single-ended TTL. The counters can be configured as timers by counting pulses from an internal clock; and timers can generate a single-shot pulse or a PWM waveform at one of the digital outputs. The Model 526 also has eight digital I/O lines programmable as inputs or outputs and four 16-bit DACs for controlling motor amplifiers. Price is $442 each, with an option for adding eight differential A/D inputs costing $86. For more details, call Colette Roth at SENSORAY, Tigard, OR. (503) 684-8005.

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