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2.4x Improvement In Conduction Cooling

2.4x Improvement In Conduction Cooling

Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems' Hybricon CoolWall technology may revolutionize conduction cooled systems. The SFF-6 Small Form Factor Chassis (Fig. 1) delivers more that twice the cooling of a conventional conduction cooled system pushing it into the realm of liquid cooled technology. The small ATR-style chassis can handle 400W. It holds up to 6 3U VPX cards. Versions are available for other 3U form factors such as CompactPCI.

CoolWall provides a 2.4x improvement over conventional, all metal conduction cooled systems. It is based on metallic composite contained inside a nickel-plated shell. The angled form factor (Fig. 2) design takes into account the main cooling connection on the bottom of the chassis. Other designs are possible using the technology depending upon where the cooling plates are located.

CoolWall chassis will find a home in rugged airborne and ground mobile applications where extended temperature plus high shock and vibration tolerance is needed. Custom configurations and integration is available from Curtiss-Wright.

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