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8-MHz Microcontroller Integrates 8-Bit CPU Core

The TMP86P20XP low-cost One-Time-Programmable (OTP) microcontroller handles 8-MHz operation. It comes in two versions: The TMP86P202P supports a ceramic or crystal resonator, while the TMP86P203P supports a resistance-capacitance (RC) resonator. Each microcontroller incorporates 2 kbytes of OTP memory and 128 bytes of RAM. They also feature two channels of 8-bit timer/counter and four channels of 8-bit analog-to-digital conversion. The TMP86P202P combines a Toshiba proprietary 8-bit microprocessor 870/C core with compact OTP, enabling it to achieve high-speed operation of 8 MHz at 4.5 V. The microcontroller is housed in a space-saving 20-pin dual-inline package. Both versions are available now at $1.67 per piece in 100-unit lots.

Toshiba America Electronic Components
www.chips.toshiba.com; (408) 526-2400

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