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Charting App Integrates With MathCad And Excel

Number crunching is often necessary to justify a project or system design. Presenting that information is often most effective in a graphical context. MathSoft's Axum 7 makes the job easier, especially when coupled with math processing applications like MathCad 2001i and Microsoft Excel.

A plethora of new features includes hundreds of 2D and 3D plot types, a probability plot comparing probability distributions, and an enhanced PowerPoint wizard that can incorporate charts directly into presentations. Additionally, it features the Shapiro-Wilk test for normality, the Durbin-Watson test statistic, and support for large databases.

Axum 7 utilizes the S language for customization. The new version has enhanced object-oriented capabilities, support for large data sets, and enhanced performance and memory management.

Axum 7 costs $499. It's also bundled with the MathCad 2001i Premium Edition. Academic pricing is available.

MathSoft Engineering & Education Inc., (617) 444-8000; fax: (617) 444-8001; www.mathcad.com.

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