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Data Logger Records Most Parameters

Recording popular parameters such as temperature, humidity, voltage and current, EL-3-12BIT is designed specifically for applications where paired readings are required with each channel offering 12-bit A/D resolution and memory for 8000 readings. With an addressable serial link, the panel mountable EL-3-12BIT can operate as a standalone unit or can be permanently connected to a system of up to eight loggers. Unit has a high-contrast LCD, battery life up to three years, sample rate variable between 5 seconds and 12 hours, alarm modes, and a delayed automatic or push-to-start control. Each logger comes with software compatible with Windows 98, 95 or 3.1 platforms. The EL-WIN software includes autocue prompting for ease-of-use, a mimic mode that allows remote indication on the PC, extensive graphing and the ability to export data directly into popular spreadsheets.

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