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Design Platform Supports Popular Image Sensor

Coming to the aid of digital-camera designers using the Foveon FO18-50-F19 X3 4.5-Mpixel direct image sensor, the AVF-51 DSK design platform provides full support for the sensor with a range of features. These include digital control of setup voltages, direct access to the sensor's setup and control registers, operation of all still and real-time modes, and image data post processing with a 30-bit color output. The platform includes 10 sensors, a removable pass filter, support electronics for control and real-time post processing, universal dc adapter, C-mount lens, documentation, cables, and a suite of control and acquisition software. A computer with the configuration software and a compatible CameraLink frame grabber is required, which can be supplied either by the company or the user. Price for a base system is $20,000. ALTERNATIVE VISION CORP., Los Altos, CA. (650) 625-0318


Product URL: Click here for more information

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