DSC Family Adds Higher Integration Levels For Motor Control

DSC Family Adds Higher Integration Levels For Motor Control

A new family of dsPIC33 digital signal controllers (DSCs) helps boost the efficiency of dual motor control by leveraging 12 motor-control pulse-width-modulation (PWM) channels (six pairs), dual 12-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), multiple 32-bit quadrature encoder interfaces, and two CAN modules. With such integration, Microchip’s dsPIC33EP512GM710 DSCs can independently control two motors with a single MCU. The devices also can serve as a communication hub for automotive or industrial applications to connect with multiple CAN buses. Each device supports 512 kbytes of flash, 48 kbytes of RAM, and four op amps. The two ADC modules can be configured as 10 bits, 1.1 Msamples/s with four sample-and-holds, or 12 bits, 500 ksamples/s with one sample-and-hold, supporting up to 49 channels. A peripheral trigger generator (PTG) schedules complex, high-speed peripheral operations, saving software cycles and reducing firmware complexity.


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