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EML Driver Serves 40-Gb/s Apps

The FO-MDA-40-15D-1 EML driver for 40-Gb/s light-wave communication systems targets VSR 300-pin MSA SFF transponders. It offers dual inputs that mate directly with standard multiplexers and operates at a maximum data rate of 44 Gb/s. Other features include electronic eye-crossing control of 40% to 70%, a variable output between 2.5 and 3.4 Vp-p, 3-dB bandwidth of 35 GHz, gain of 23 dB at 20 GHz, a typical additive jitter of 0.55 ps, and a 20%-to-80% rise and fall time of 10 ps. The unit measures 25.32 mm x 29.46 mm x 6.35 mm and uses GPPO connectors. Engineering samples of the FO-MDA-40-15D-1 are now available and production is set for the first quarter of 2009. NARDA MICROWAVE - EAST, Hauppauge, NY. (631) 231-1700.


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