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Hitachi Embedded Database Targets Mobile Devices

The Embedded Business Group of Hitachi was showing off its Entier 2.2 embedded relational database management system (RDBMS) at Boston. This new version enables device manufacturers to deliver applications that allow simultaneous access of data and rapid database updates thereby enabling end users to search device content more quickly and effectively. The Entier 2.2 version includes built-in control of concurrent transactions for an RTOS including the ability for Entier to access multiple databases simultaneously. A binary update capability allows for the rapid update of content. There is enhanced support for complex word search capabilities with short text strings can provide an order of magnitude improvement of older versions. This version includes a high-performance Data Manipulation Language (DML) level-locking mechanism that allows multiple application to access the database and execute multiple SQL statements simultaneously while employing DML level-locking to reduce the likelihood of application deadlock. Developers can now define separate database areas and store different tables in each area allowing for more rapid database updates by targeting just the specific area with updated data. Related Links Hitachi America

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