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Java 2 Environment Builds Automotive Software

Said to provide the tools and runtime technology needed to build the next generation of automotive software, VisualAge Micro Edition embedded Java 2 technology is offered as a complete end-to-end development and deployment environment for connected embedded software solutions. It provides an integrated development environment, including the company's Java language compiler, Smart Linker, Debugger and MicroAnalyzer. Deployment components include several configurations of Java class libraries, the J9 Virtual Machine, which runs Java bytecodes on a variety of embedded RTOS and CPU architectures, and extended personal configuration components. These include frameworks for building AWT or MicroView oriented user interfaces, access to relational databases via JavaSQL parts, real-time deterministic controls, and CORBA based remote method invocation. IBM, Phoenix, AZ. (602) 569-3800.

Company: IBM

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Automotive
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