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PCI/104-E Frame Grabber Captures 4 Channels Of Video/Stereo

PCI/104-E Frame Grabber Captures 4 Channels Of Video/Stereo

Sensoray_1115-ASensoray's Model 911 PCI/104-Express 4-Channel Frame Grabber with Audio Capture, simultaneously captures four channels of analog video and four channels of stereo audio. Capturing raw video frames from each channel at up to full frame rate, it achieves an aggregate frame capture rate of up to 120 fps for NTSC and 100 fps for PAL. The high frame capture rate, through two x1 links of PCIe bus interface, is suited for applications that require uncompromising capturing of multiple video sources in a compact form factor, such as remote video surveillance and traffic monitoring. The PCI/104-Express connectors support both stack-up and stack-down, and a 24-pin header provides access to all I/O signals on the board. Four general-purpose digital I/O signals are provided for controlling cameras and illumination sources, and for alarm signal monitoring. The unit supports a range of video capture resolutions, including D1, VGA, QVGA, SIF, 4SIF, CIF, QCIF, and 4CIF. OEM pricing for the Model 911 is $581 each/2-9.

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