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PCIe Telecom Adapter Enlists RISC Processor

The PCE385, a quad T1/E1/J1 PCI Express telecom adapter, supports a MPC8280 PowerQUICC IIT RISC communications processor, backed with the NexusWare Core Linux-based software suite. The software suite offers a number of signaling and communications protocols including SIP, SS7 MTP-2, ISDN and WAN connectivity with frame relay, HDLC, LAPD, and X.25. The adapter operates as a programmable communications subsystem capable of intra-chassis communication using the H.100 bus. It is suitable for PSTN and IP telephony systems built on the PCI Express architecture that handle large volumes of voice circuits for protocol processing or for transfer to the H.100 bus and the PCI Express bus. Applications include SS7 network elements, wireless infrastructure equipment, media and signaling gateways, telecom switching, and routing equipment. PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES, Rochester, NY. (805) 783-6047.


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