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Real-Time Virtual Machine Ported To VxWorks 6.x

PERC Ultra, a real-time virtual machine (VM) for embedded applications, is now available for Wind River VxWorks 6.x. The PERC Ultra port to VxWorks 6.x fully supports Java applications running within the VxWorks Real-Time Process (RTP) protected memory model. New with VxWorks 6.x, RTPs provide process-based, user-mode application execution in addition to traditional kernel-mode execution. The kernel is protected from user-mode applications running in VxWorks RTPs. The VxWorks RTP model supports both dynamic loading of native libraries. PERC development tools plug directly into the Eclipse-based Wind River Workbench environment.

PERC Ultra’s predictable performance and extensive support of off-the-shelf J2SE libraries and components make it well-suited for embedded applications for high complexity. Its sister product, PERC Pico, meets the needs of resource-constrained hard real-time applications, featuring performance and footprint characteristics comparable to C. The two products are interoperable within one application. As a result, Java developers can now create complex applications from infrastructure to the device level, without resorting to the use of other languages with less portability and robust memory use for specialized components.


PERC Ultra for VxWorks 6.x is shipping now for Windows and Solaris hosts and PowerPC targets with AOT and JIT compilation.


The development tools are available free in combination with a maintenance contract. Target execution and deployment license pricing depends on project volume.


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