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Sensoray’s USB Frame Grabber Captures 60 fps

Introduced as a multi-channel, low-latency USB video capture device, the Model 2255 boasts a total capture rate of 60 fps. It can simultaneously capture four composite NTSC or PAL video sources at 15 fps or two channels at 30 fps. Full frame rate capture is possible across four channels simultaneously using monochrome or scaled down modes. Format support includes RGB packed (24 bits/pixel, bitmap compatible), YCrCb packed (16 bits/pixel, YUY2 compatible), YCrCb planar (16 bits/pixel, optimal for image processing), and Y8 (8 bits/pixel, monochrome). The frame grabber derives power through a USB 2.0 connection, eliminating the need for an external supply, and comes with a software development kit containing drivers for Linux and Windows, an API, and a demo program that illustrates the use of the API. In an enclosure, single-unit price is $515. For more details, contact Caleb Streur at SENSORAY COMPANY INC., Tigard, OR. (503) 684-8005.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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