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Bluetooth Transceiver Delivers Fast I/O Node Communications

According to the company, its 750-644 Bluetooth transceiver module provides fast, bidirectional communication between I/O nodes. Within 10 ms, the module exchanges data at distances up to 1,000m line of sight or 100m within buildings, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from robot controls and high bay warehouses to both renewable and traditional energy applications. One master module can communicate with up to seven slaves on a personal area network via Bluetooth 2.0+EDR technology while slave-to-slave data transmission is possible indirectly through the master. Configuration of the 750-644 is via WAGO-I/O-CHECK 3 software, which also provides function blocks that promise to make using the module’s full range of functions a straightforward process. Other features include frequency-hopping procedures and adaptive transmitting power technologies, encryption for security-sensitive transmissions, eight LEDs for diagnostics of interference, signal quality, and timeouts, and an SMA socket for the company’s 758-912 antenna, data contact, and power jumper contacts. WAGO CORP., Germantown, WI. (800) 346-7245.

Company: WAGO CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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