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Electrochemical Caps Combine Features Of Batteries And Caps

Combining the benefits of batteries and capacitors into modular, low-maintenance units has resulted in the Type MEC electrochemical capacitors, which are said to provide high-capacity and long service life. The devices can be used to augment existing batteries or to completely replace batteries in high-power applications such as starting gasoline/diesel engines, powering electric vehicles, or leveling peak energy loads in power distribution systems.
Electrochemical capacitors offer values as high as 100,000F. Their principle of operation relies on the accumulation of electrical energy within a double electric layer that serves as a medium between a solid electrode body and the electrolyte. The caps are modular in design, so that virtually any number of cells can be combined to meet the needs of specific applications. Pricing for the MEC capacitor line depends on model, options and quantity.


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