Electronic Design

Module Enables Energy Capture From Low-Power Generators

Bridging the gap in energy harvesting technologies, the ALD EH4200 Series booster modules are designed to step-up or boost the output voltage of popular energy generators, which by themselves are unable to initiate the electronic capture process for efficiently harvesting ambient or waste energy. Employing the company’s micropower MOSFET semiconductor devices and a unique self-starting transformer-oscillator stage, the modules derive their operating power directly from energy generators and effectively create a voltage gain ranging from 75 to 150 times. The ALD EH4205 features a nominal input impedance of 50 ohms while the ALD EH4295 features an input impedance of 950 ohms. Both EH4205 and EH4295 modules are available, priced from $41 each. Evaluation kits and cable assemblies are also available. ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (408) 747-1155.

TAGS: Components
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