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MOSFETs Are Energy-Efficient For VCR, Low-Loss RF Switching

Designed for low-loss RF switching, the BF1107 n-channel MOSFET is well suited for VCR use, conducting TV antenna signals with no power applied, allowing high-quality broadcast pictures without use of the linked VCR in On or Standby modes. VCRs maintain a vital, albeit energy-consuming, link between TV antennas or cable TV set top boxes and the antenna input of TV sets. Without this MOSFET, disconnecting power from the VCR, even when not it's in use, can result in dramatic loss of television picture quality. Typical on-state loss is 1.5 dB and typical off-state isolation is 33 dB to allow RF switching in mobile and cordless telephones. The device's 860-MHz bandwidth lends it to uses in TV sets and radios.


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