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Adapter Supports 0.65-mm Pitch BGA/LGA Devices

For validating BGA and LGA devices with a 0.65-mm pitch, the company's latest hybrid socket adapter design deploys both male and female pins in an interstitial pattern. Its design provides the reliability of screw-machined terminals via multi-finger contacts in a compact SMT socket. Measuring 2-mm larger than the devices it supports, no external hold-downs are required. The adapter design exhibits low signal attenuation up to 3.5 GHz and features standard eutectic tin/lead solder balls or lead-free tin/silver/copper solder-ball terminals for RoHS-compliant applications. Alignment pins protect the pin field and aid in hand placement with optional stand-offs available. For pricing, call ADVANCED INTERCONNECTIONS CORP., West Warwick, RI. (800) 424-9850.


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